Benefits of Drinking Water Regularly

You may have been told a million times that water is good for you and that you should drink six to eight glasses a day, but what you may not know is how drinking water regularly can benefit your body. Water is the reason your body works the way it does and without water your body would not be able to perform even the simplest functions. Water also helps the way your body looks and it can help you lose weight and become more fit.


Dehydration, Health & Cholesterol

Dehydration can lead to many problems, which include malabsorption of nutrients, fatigue, headaches, disorientation, weight gain, chronic constipation, memory loss, kidney malfunction & …. you know … high cholesterol. In fact, high cholesterol in some cases can be a consequence of chronic dehydration. Cholesterol can act like a waterproof clay in the gaps of the cell membrane to prevent excess water loss. When dehydrated, the body will produce more cholesterol for the cells to prevent more water loss. For this reason, drinking water half hour or one hour before eating will make the cells more hydrated, and your organism wont need the water inside the cells lining the blood vessels. Don’t drink water while eating, this will only cause digestive problems. Drinking water is also beneficial 1 or 2 hours after eating.

Keep yourself healthy by drinking 8oz of water every morning immediately after waking up. This will help eliminate toxins & clear your bowel. It is also a good idea to squeeze ¼ of a fresh lemon in your water, doing so will help prevent many diseases.


Removal of Waste

Your body needs water in order to both urinate and to have bowel movements. When there is not enough water present in the body, these everyday functions can not happen as they need to, as both urination and bowel movements remove waste from your body, and when the waste can not be removed, it remains in your body and can be very dangerous. The underlying cause of constipation for most individuals is dehydration. Your colon needs water in order to pass the waste, and when the body becomes dehydrated, water from the waste inside the colon is absorbed and is transported to other parts of the body, leaving the waste and causing constipation. Urination can only happen when there is water present in the body, and urination helps remove toxins that if kept in the body, has the potential to cause serious health conditions.


It Makes the Body Function Normally

Lack of water, or not the appropriate amount, can cause many normal functions of the body to not happen properly, or at all. Water is responsible for digestion, circulation, production of saliva, and maintaining a normal body temperature. Drinking water regularly allows all of this to just happen, but an insufficient amount of water can cause the body to not be able to function normally. When the body can no longer perform theses functions normally, the body can begin breaking down and can cause serious health conditions to arise. The body also needs water for absorption and transportation of nutrients and lack of water can cause the immune system to have the inability to fight off bacteria and infections, making the person less healthy.


A Better Looking Body

Drinking water regularly can help muscles increase, fat to be lost, and skin to shine, creating a better version of the body you have. Since more than half of your body is water, it only makes sense to replace the water we lose everyday with more water. Everything you do causes water to exit your body, but some activities causes more water to be lost. When you are working out, it is important that you replenish your body by drinking water. Drinking water can make your skin less dry because lack of water in your skin is the reason for dry skin, it also allows you to fill up faster which in turn, makes you eat less and lose more weight, and also energizes muscles. Athletes and adults that are healthy usually drink all the water their body needs and generally have better looking bodies.