Celebrity Diet Tricks to Avoid

Since it is National  Nutrition Month, it is not only important to discuss the things we should be doing as far as nutrition, but also the things we shouldn’t be doing.

Most celebrities aren’t skinny and great looking because they were just born that way, and if they say they aren’t doing anything to help keep their weight down, they are probably lying.

I’m sure there are those celebrities who are losing weight and/or maintaining weight by monitoring their food intake and by proper exercise, but there are many more who likely aren’t.

So here is what NOT to do to lose weight, like many young celebrities are doing:


Laxative Tea Abuse

Los Angeles nutritionist Carrie Wiatt, owner of Diet Designs, says:

“The big thing among teen actresses right now is dieter’s tea. It has a mild laxative effect. But many young girls are abusing it — drinking 10 cups a day. I knew one girl who ended up with long-term health problems. Drinking too much of these teas can cause vomiting, stomach cramps, chronic constipation or diarrhea. Not pretty! All that to lose a little water weight.”

The healthier way: “Skip laxatives — the only weight you lose with them is from waste. And it comes right back when you eat and drink again.”


Misuse of Diet Pills

Over the counter fat blockers, like Alli, are meant to be taken when you are cutting fat out of your diet. Carrie says that there is no magic pill. If you want to lose weight, you have to cut back on the fats. This is what she had to say about one celeb who would not follow diet instructions:

“She had oily stools, bloating, gas and bad diarrhea, and she was vitamin-depleted. But she didn’t want to change her eating habits, and just kept taking it. Eventually she snapped out of it, followed a healthy plan I gave her and lost weight.”


Constant Workouts

Some of these celebs would probably live at the gym if they were allowed and that is not healthy either. Too much exercise is not good. There are celebs who will go to the gym three and four times a day.


Expensive Liquid Cleanses

Celebrity trainer Ashley Borden says that these cleanses are not as good as drinking plenty of water – she says that water will do all the cleansing your body needs. She says this about a celebrity client:

“Once, a very young actress client of mine bought $3,000 worth of supplements from her doctor to do a cleanse. All she was allowed to have for two weeks were liquids and the vitamins she bought — no solid food. She was already incredibly healthy — she worked out and ate really well, and I don’t think she’d had a sip of alcohol in her life. She said she just wanted to ‘clean herself out.’ I joked: ‘From what — apples?’ A week into it she broke down, ate an entire loaf of bread and admitted that her real goal had been to drop a few pounds. An actress friend of hers, who has an eating disorder, had done the cleanse and recommended it.”


Surviving on Coffee & Booze

We see these young actresses all of the time on television – going out to party, having all of these high-calorie drinks, yet they never gain weight. Another way these actresses keep weight off is by living off of coffee all day and not eating. Not healthy at all and the body will definitely give out on that. When it is time to exercise then, they are too exhausted because they have no fuel in their gas tank.