Cholesterol Lowering Foods

There are certain cholesterol lowering foods that have a great deal of health benefits and are essential in not only a low cholesterol diet, but a regular diet. Oats are a very high-fiber food that play a very important role in decreasing a bad cholesterol. A diet that is high in fiber has been said to reduce the low density lipoproteins by attaching themselves to the cholesterol that is being digested and eliminating them. Oatmeal and beans also are cholesterol lowering foods as they are very high in fiber, as well as apples and prunes which are great to snack on throughout the day. It doesn’t take a lot of servings of fiber to improve the condition of your heart and fill you up- keeping you from snacking on junk food or snacks high in saturated fat.

The natural substances that are found in fortified foods are called sterol and stanol which can reduce the number of low density lipoproteins which are complacent within a bad cholesterol diet. Sterol and stanolare cholesterol lowering foods and they are in various fruits, vegetables and nuts and will absorb the bad lipoproteins, keeping them from entering into your bloodstream. There has been a study that has proven that taking in a couple of servings that include sterol and stanol decrease the unhealthy lipoproteins by 9%, assisting an individual in decreasing their risk of heart disease or stroke. These are natural substances that are included in a great deal of supplements that can be recommended by a doctor.

Some other cholesterol lowering foods are salmon and fish, very rich in omega-3 which is very beneficial to the cardiovascular system and significantly lowers the high blood pressure that may come along with a bad cholesterol level. These contain fats that are very healthy, this fat aids the cholesterol in delivering nutrients to the liver for the re-using of  protein. It’s recommended that adults have two servings of fish that is either grilled or baked with each week. Soybeans, seeds and nuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseed that are very beneficial to the heart.

Cholesterol lowering foods consist of calories that have healthier fats and that are monounsaturated; monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil, canola oil, avocado and nuts. As you are digesting healthy fats you are lowering your low density lipoproteins and strengthening your high density lipoproteins. “It can be too much of a good thing,” isn’t overrated. Good fats should be eaten in moderation because it does contain a deal of calories and proteins. There is a lot of nutrition in “soy protein” and it is now included in the new cholesterol lowering diet foods. This can actually be a meal or a snack and studies have shown that soy protein really does lower the body lipoproteins without affecting the good lipoproteins that are in your body.

Cholesterol lowering foods are in various forms. Researchers say that it might be the combination of protein and chemicals together that may affect the cholesterol and diseases that are related to the cardiovascular system. Not only is it beneficial to the heart but it is very low in the unhealthy saturated fat. Some studies have contradicted the idea and have said that eating soy doesn’t actually help your count of lipoproteins, but continue to recommend eating burgers and other foods that are made up of soy instead of eating meats that are very high in fat. It is said that red yeast rice is now one of the most beneficial ways to fight low density lipoproteins and is now considerably the best of all LDL food agents. Cholestin is a dietary supplement that many look into to shed the pounds, but red yeast rice is available in the form of cholestin. It is said that this substance contains statin, which increases the amount of good cholesterol in the body and decreases the amount of low density lipoproteins.