Eating Broccoli To Prevent Heart Disease

If you like broccoli, you will love this post!  If you don’t like the green stuff, you might want to force yourself to eat it after reading this!  This news shows why more than ever now that we should make sure broccoli is on our children’s plates, as well as our own at dinner.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study suggests broccoli may trigger production of proteins which protect against heart damage.  In this study, rats were given a broccoli extract for a month and then the effect on their heart muscle was measured.  Some rats were not given the broccoli extract and their diets did not change.  The two groups were then compared.

It was found that the rats who were given the extract had better functioning hearts and displayed less damage when they were deprived of oxygen.

When on the broccoli diet, the veggie somehow causes the body to produce a protein called thioredoxin, which protects against cell damage in the heart.  But it is important that broccoli now be overcooked because it takes out vital nutrients and diminishes health benefits.

Eating broccoli has other healthy benefits including the potential to decrease cancer risk.