Get A Second Opinion

As patients, we need to be advocates for our own healthcare.  Too many mistakes are being made these days and there are doctors out there who are not the best.

Half of Americans do not get a second opinion on their health issues.  By getting a second opinion, we can save ourselves at times unnecessary surgeries or less invasive surgeries, and possibly better medical care.


When should you get a second opinion?

  • When your physician suggests surgery

Seek additional medical advice and a second opinion to see if surgery is the only resort and if there are any less-invasive procedures you could have instead.

  • When you are prescribed medications for long-term use that have side effects

Find out if there is something else you can do to help your situation besides taking medication. If your cholesterol is just borderline high, can you not take medication and reduce it with diet and exercise?

  • When you are not getting better

There are illnesses out there that your general practitioner may not be able to help you with. Many of us with CFS & Fibromyalgia have had second, third, even tenth opinions until we were able to find someone who can treat us. The important thing is – if you are not getting better, and you KNOW you are not getting better, don’t give up! Keep searching until you find someone who can help you.