High Cholesterol Diet Stays in Most of Today’s Households

In the United States and in most of today’s households, there’s been a significant increase in a high cholesterol diet and obesity. The cholesterol is not only in relevance to adults, but pertaining to children is irregularly high. This health problem is more  common in America due to the food that our children have available to them. A number of children eat fast food on a day to day basis, conforming to a habit that families have adopted due to the high price of organic foods and groceries. High cholesterol is hereditary, is the object of an unhealthy diet and relates itself to obesity.

Many clinical professionals have noted that cholesterol inherent within children can be detected by taking a blood test. This is important when a bad level of cholesterol is common within a family or cardiovascular disease is prevalent. Testing is suggested at a very young age if a common is aware of cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol being hereditary within the family. At the age of 2 a child can begin to be tested and screened and as the child grows and is overweight then they may have an increase in the blood-fat rate or their good cholesterol. It’s suggested that if a child is irregularly obese at a young age then he or she should be placed on a weight control program that includes a strict diet plan so that the level of cholesterol does not worsen with age.

The sooner that a high cholesterol diet is treated at a young age, the more effective it is. Before the child is put on a weight control program then they should have a physical to study the type of diet and exercise program that is necessary to improve a high cholesterol diet. Meals should be prepared with caution as there should be a low amount of fat, especially saturated and trans fat. It should be no more than 30% of the childs daily intake or it should be eliminated altogether depending on the severity of the LDL levels. The child should be refined in carbohydrates. It’s important to avoid any sort of fast food being that it has the highest amount of saturated fat. A level of high cholesterol in children is on the rise across the country and should be eliminated sooner than later. There are management programs that specialize in children that have a high cholesterol diet and they are very effective in better the health of a single child.

Have you heard of hypercholesterolemia? It has to do with the metabolism and a high level of cholesterol complacent within the blood stream. If a high cholesterol diet is not prevented now and at a young age then it will only increase in genetics as time passes. The predisposition of genetics plays a great role in the habits that families adopt and the habits that their children adopt as well. There are multiple genes that have a role in this metabolism dysfunction and if they are not cut short then they will only increase within the body- shortening the average lifespan.

There are misconceptions pertaining to a level of high cholesterol; low density lipoproteins are controlled in both the liver and in the intestines. The liver does produce cholesterol and also removes it from the blood. Depending on the person, the liver may produce more than the intestine absorbs which can result in watching cholesterol at a young age. Diet and physical activity are the most important factors in treating the disease; have it tested consistently and work with professionals to guarantee that you are getting the necessary treatment for your child.