High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

With the way most people live today, they are not aware of the high cholesterol foods to avoid. To avoid foods that are high in cholesterol you should first educate yourself on cholesterol itself and the effect that it has on your body. Avoiding high cholesterol foods means maintaining the health of your tissue and cell membranes. It is appropriate to say that if you have a high number of low density lipoproteins then it will affect your cardiovascular system in the long run; especially, if you continue to consume foods high in fat.

Some foods that are high in cholesterol also have a lot of healthy cholesterol that your body needs to function and run effectively. It’s important to find what foods have enough protein, amino and micro-nutrients for your body without having the damaging fatty acid effect. These are most essential when it comes to the nutrients that your body will need to deliver proteins into your blood stream. High cholesterol foods to avoid consist of a variety of meats, including beef, pork, lamb and veal. The yolk of an egg is extremely high in cholesterol. Red meats are very high in animal fat.  By eliminating them, or at least trim off the fat  before cooking it will really improve your high cholesterol.

Chicken comes to mind when talking about high cholesterol foods to avoid. Chicken is one of the best sources of proteins and it is very low in fat when compared to the other meats, but the preparation of it should be taken into consideration before including it into your diet. It can be considered a high cholesterol food if the fat isn’t cut off of it and if it is fried. If you have a heart disease or your cholesterol is unusually high then you may want to cut meat out from your diet altogether. Plant based foods are not high in cholesterol and provide enough nutrients for the good cholesterol within your body.

There are two nutrients in the food that you are consuming and they are either a saturated fat (which is found in most of the animal products) or they are cholesterol (which comes from animals.) It isn’t necessarily the content of the cholesterol that makes it harmful to your body, but it is the saturated fat which makes the liver produce a type of cholesterol that is harmful to your heart. The liver actually produces a great deal of cholesterol from our diet, making fat harmful if we tend to digest it in excess.

Coconut oil is also among the high cholesterol foods to avoid. Although coconut oil is free of cholesterol, it is very high in saturated fats and it actually affects the liver in a way that causes it to produce cholesterol that is very harmful to the body. Saturated fat tends to thicken the blood and make it dense, making the build-up of plaque even more harmful to the flow of blood and oxygen to your heart and your brain. Seafood contains a lot of cholesterol but also contains unsaturated fats that help the liver to produce cholesterol that isn’t harmful to the body. Seafood contains good fats and would not be part of  the unhealthy and high cholesterol foods category.