How to Lower Cholesterol

To lower cholesterol and unclog those arteries you’re going to have to adopt a screening, diet, exercising and maybe a medication routine plan that will help you to decrease the number of low density lipoproteins in your body before you suffer from cardiovascular problems or before the unhealthy cholesterol in your body gets worse.

The first thing that you should do before taking further action is receive a health assessment that is specialized in the personalization of cholesterol. You should set a goal after you have come across the number of your HDL and LDL. Lower cholesterol may be a result of a family disease, from an unhealthy blood pressure, drugs, obesity and diabetes. After you have found how severe or safe your cholesterol level is, then you will want to look at whether or not you need medication to treat your problem. Modifying your lifestyle is the activity that should come along with any sort of unhealthy cholesterol, but if it’s high enough then you may be a candidate for a drug that lowers your cholesterol. These will work fast in case of a blood pressure that is dangerously high; eating well, exercising and cutting out any damaging smoking or drinking habits are completely necessary.

If you dislike using medications and wish to lower cholesterol in your body using other ways then you can also look into natural and herbal products that will assist you in ridding of LDL. Before you begin to use natural products then you should consult your doctor and make sure that you are in taking something that won’t damage another area of your health that may be at risk.

Vitamin B3 which is otherwise known as Niacin, is used commonly to lower a bad cholesterol. It is said to increase the amount of health lipoproteins that aide your body in delivering nutrients to your liver for re-using. Niacin is available to you in a couple of forms, either prescription or in a dietary supplement. It is recommended to only use the prescription form of it so that you are using it while acknowledging every aspect of your health. If you have a high blood pressure then it’s highly recommended that you speak to a doctor about Niacin before taking it because it has a tendency to increase the effects of high blood pressure medication.

Artichoke leaf has been proven to lower cholesterol due to the leaf extract that limit’s the synthesis in you bodily cholesterol. One of the studies taken found that artichoke leaf reduces cholesterol in as little as 42 days and does so effectively. Soluble fiber significantly reduces the low density lipoproteins which reduce cholesterol; this is found in many dietary supplements and in oats, vegetables, apples and berries, as well as beans. Approximately 10 grams of soluble fiber is healthy for your cardiovascular system, along with plant sterols and stanols which are found in a variety of plants. These help your body to block the unhealthy cholesterol from being absorbed into your intestines. All of these medications and supplements in moderation will help you to significantly better your unhealthy level of cholesterol- with the help of medication if prescribed by the doctor.