Our Mission

Mission of ldlhdlcholesterollevels.org

There are many debates among specialists regarding how much high cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart disease & whether various types of medication prescribed to control cholesterol levels deliver more benefits or damage to the human body in the long run. FDA seems to keep close attention to various reports & studies; regardless, long term consequences of medication are difficult to predict, as we saw with recent changes to FDA recommendations regarding high doses of simvastatin (cholesterol lowering medication: class-statins). We believe that making lifestyle changes is the best treatment for any medical condition, especially long-term. Moreover, such changes contribute to a person’s health, regardless of them being diagnosed with a medical condition or not. A perfectly healthy human being would benefit from such changes as well, and more importantly, such changes would help avoid many health issues in the future.

If you already have been diagnosed with a certain condition, you should follow your doctor’s advice.

On our part, we try to be informative & deliver our best, with confidence that the right nutrition from natural sources & exercise will lead to better mental & physical well-being.