What are the Normal Cholesterol Levels?

If you are trying to find normal levels you should be aiming for in numbers, refer to Optimal Cholesterol Levels here.

Identifying an unhealthy level of cholesterol will require you to know the normal cholesterol levels, and the types of lipoproteins that are affecting the protein within your blood. You should be informed on the blood that is being transported to your cardiovascular system and the overall health of your liver.

To find normal cholesterol levels it’s necessary for the individual to have a blood test which will determine the amount of high density lipoproteins and low density lipoproteins that are affecting your level of health. If the blood test results verify that your cholesterol levels are higher than what is considered “normal” you shouldn’t worry, excessively. The numbers should be under the 200’s, and the borderline normal cholesterol level is 230. If it’s above 240 then your cholesterol would be considered high.

Low density lipoproteins should be under 130 for levels of cholesterol to be considered normal. If the LDL are between 160 and 189 then they are borderline high and if they are above 190 then they are dangerously high. If you find that your LDL are high then you will need to discuss with the doctor the action that you are going to take in relevance to your diet, your exercise and possibly what type of medication you will have to take until your cholesterol improves.

Triglycerides are fatty substances that increase your risk of heart disease and don’t come into play with normal cholesterol levels. If the triglycerides are over 150 then they are too high and you should, again, take immediate action. The ratio of the high density lipoproteins to low density lipoproteins and the totally cholesterol is more significant than the total cholesterol when it comes to the predicting of a heart attack and coronary heart disease.

To figure out whether or not your cholesterol is considered to be within the normal levels you can easily divide the total cholesterol number along with the LDL and HDL numbers. This number should be below the number 4 for both women and men. The best cholesterol ratio is around 3 ½, and a 2 is superb. Normal cholesterol levels are less than 2 ½ ; the ratio of the numbers are the best way to figure out whether or not you may be a candidate for heart problems. Consider the natural remedies before speaking to a doctor about cholesterol medication and the side effects of cholesterol medication.