What Does Good Cholesterol Mean?

What does good cholesterol mean? Good cholesterol in terms of the total amount of cholesterol refers to the amount of high density lipoproteins and the low density lipoproteins that are affecting the health of your liver and the way that nutrients and proteins are being absorbed into your cell membranes. Good cholesterol means having your score below 22mg/dl and your lipoproteins under a certain number.

HDL should be higher than 35 and it would be excellent if they were higher than 50. This accounts for a healthy cholesterol level which is then taken into play with an LDL that is lower than 130. The number of LDL is great when it is below 100. The cells within your body need good cholesterol to function effectively and to maintain membranes that are all around them.

Cholesterol is significant when it comes to the nerves that run throughout your body, transfusing the necessary proteins that you need to function. After the protein  and cholesterol is absorbed by your liver, your liver then turns that chemical into bile which is then re-used and distributed into your digestive system. Hopefully, that fat that is being absorbed will deliver enough vitamins to its proper destinations so that you come out with good and stealthy cholesterol.

What does good cholesterol mean and why should you maintain it? If the level is too high then you may be prone to heart problems. The body will not function the way that it’s supposed to and there may not be any symptoms before you suffer from a heart attack or a stroke. High density lipoproteins are essential, being that they actually remove the lipoproteins that are low in density. Keeping the proteins balanced is by taking care of your health the way that you’re supposed to.

If you consume the right foots that don’t contain saturated fats and if you participate in physical activity regularly then you will find that your HDL are steadily increasing. There are also supplements that are available to anyone who is suffering from an irregularly high amount of LDL. The supplements will promote a good cholesterol by aiding your lipoproteins in transferring healthy and fatty acids to the proper cells within your body, which in turn is transports itself to your heart and your brain. If you have a steady diet and keep your heart in shape then the fatty acids and the proteins will remain consistent.